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Looking for more information about farming on Salt Spring Island or agriculture in general?  See our list of reports and links.



The Agricultural Alliance and member organizations have conducted various studies over the years to encourage local food production. The following reports are available for downloading.  



If you are looking for more information about agriculture, check out the following links.

  • AgriService BC: Providing funding, tools and services to help your business succeed in B.C. (ongoing) - BC Ministry of Agriculture - Click here 

  • BC Environmental Farm Plan Program & Beneficial Management Practices (ongoing) - Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC - Click here 

  • CAP: Climate Change Adaptation Program: Helping Producers Successfully Adapt To The Impacts Of Climate Change (ongoing) - Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC - Click here 

  • BC Land Matching Program (ongoing) - Young Agrarians - Click here 

  • New Farm Start-Up: A Guide to Starting and Growing A Small or Medium Sized Farm Business in British Columbia (Revised 2021) - BC Ministry of Agriculture - Click here 

  • Food & Agriculture, Climate Action Plan 2.0 (2021) - Transition Salt Spring - Click here 

  • Farm Diversification Through Agri-tourism (2017) - BC Ministry of Agriculture - Click here 

  • Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and Vegetables. NYS IPM Publication No. (2012) - 10 Cornell University Operative Extension - Click here 

  • Growing your Farm Enterprise: A Supplement to the New Farm Start-Up Guide (2011) - BC Ministry of Agriculture - Click here

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