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SSI Farm Plan

The first SSI Area Farm Plan was completed in 2008 and was renewed in 2020 to promote opportunities and address ongoing challenges faced by farmers on the island including the:

  • role of agriculture in supporting a strong community-based economy; 

  • growing demand for local food; 

  • availability of housing for farm labour; 

  • low income of island farmers and small farm viability; 

  • biodiversity imperative; and  

  • immediacy of climate action 

The ability of Salt Spring’s agricultural sector to thrive and respond effectively to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead will depend on the community’s commitment to local food and successful implementation of the plan’s goals and strategies. 

AFP Renewal (2020)


The Area Farm Plan (AFP) Renewal builds on earlier successes and further advances agricultural activities on SSI through to 2030. The goals, strategies and recommended actions stem from the following vision statement:

The Salt Spring community collaborates to produce healthy, abundant food from island farms that support a diverse local economy, are regenerative and resilient to climate change.


The three goals in the AFP Renewal to achieve the vision are:

  1. To ensure long term viability of farming and increase local food production on SSI

  2. To respond to the climate emergency

  3. To engage the public and governments on the value of buying local food and protecting land for farming.

Area Farm Plan (2008)


The first Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan (AFP) was completed in 2008, to ensure agriculture is a strong, vital and productive part of the local economy, and is carried out in a manner that protects and promotes a sustainable community. Much was accomplished since the Area Farm Plan was completed:

  • The SSI Agricultural Alliance was established in 2008 to implement the Area Farm Plan

  • In 2009 the SSI Farmland Trust was formed and acquired a 62 acres of agricultural land in Burgoyne Valley that is now rented to farmers and hosts community allotment gardens.

  • In 2012, the Salt Spring Abattoir started providing services to livestock producers.

  • In 2013, the SSI Farmland Trust acquired a second property, which is now home to the Root, a facility for processing and storing local food. 

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